Smart, clean skin care that works around your schedule. 


NICO & ROBO was founded on conversations with people like you; ambitious, busy and looking for balance wherever they can find it. We listened to what you wanted, what you felt you lacked and untapped what you need to feed your skin and keep it working the extra hours just like you. From our deep-dive discussions, we have created a smart and unique skin care collection that is clean and convenient helping you achieve spa quality results at home.


Because your life is complicated, but your skin care regime doesn’t have to be.    



Founder of NICO & ROBO. A mother, a chemist, a runner, and a sheet mask lover.

Hi! My name is Nicole. I am a mother, a chemist, a runner, a clean beauty enthusiast, and the founder of NICO & ROBO. Inspired by the birth of my son, I founded NICO & ROBO to help working mothers like me achieve spa quality results while not forfeiting time with friends, family, work and the a million other things we juggle every day.

After speaking to others with similar challenges such as mine, I realized that many of us all have an ambitious dream to achieve, but living with such non-stop lifestyle can take away from the important wins in life.  Many people (myself included) simply are too swamped to take care of themselves and their skin. I was motivated to create a line of skin care collection that is gentle yet effective, and is uniquely designed to save you time. I put my chemistry PhD degree and experience at a skin care manufacturing lab to work and I personally lead the product development. I work with many other formulation chemists and international parties to ensure the product is safe, clean, and effective. 

Give NICO & ROBO a try and experience the smart difference!