NICO & ROBO Ingredient Spotlight - Taiwanese Dongfang Meiren Tea

At NICO & ROBO, we pay attention to all the details when we design and develop a product. Our FIRM BELIEVER Face and Chin mask was the results of numerous experiments and a lot of efforts in sourcing the ingredients. 

We decided to star Taiwanese Dongfang Meiren (Chinese:東方美人; literally "Oriental Beauty") Tea Extract in our FIRM BELIEVER sheet mask. Dongfang Meiren Tea also known as Baihao (白毫) Oolong, White Tip Oolong, or Champagne Oolong. Its origin is Hsinchu County (新竹), Taiwan.

NICO & ROBO's Dongfang Meiren Tea sourced from small farmers in Taiwan.

Taiwan is a beautiful small island with mostly semi-tropical climate. Its mountainous terrain and fertile soil provides ideal conditions for the growth of the best tea in the world. Dongfang Meiren Tea's harvest season is limited to the summer because of the unique farming method.

Dongfand Meiren Tea is almost always produced without insecticides to encourage a common pest, the tea green leafhopper (Jacobiasca Formosana), to feed on the leaves, stems, and buds. After the plant has bitten by the tea green leafhopper, the leaves do not grow after the summer. The insect bites start the oxidation of the leaves and tips and add a sweet note to the tea. The leaves can be fermented and baked into rich, yet sweet tea with a honey or ripe fruit aroma. The unique cultivation process is essential to its quality.

At NICO & ROBO, we source our Dongfang Meiren Tea from multiple small tea farms in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. Once a production is scheduled, we began the tea collection process from the tea farmers followed by a timely process to produce the tea extract. Once the Dongfang Meiren Tea Extract is made, it can quickly be in the production line of our GMP certified manufacturing facility. 

NICO & ROBO's GMP certified manufacturing facility located in Taiwan. This allows us to process our fresh ingredients fast to ensure the best quality of the products!

Why Taiwanese Dongfang Meiren Tea?

Our founder, Nicole, was born and raised in Taiwan (learn more about our Founder "Local Chemist Creats Skin Care Busy Women Can Use") and a tea lover. Dongfang Meiren Tea is one of her favorite Taiwanese tea. Prior to coming to the US, she majored in Agriculture Expansion (now Bio-Industry Communication and Development) at National Taiwan University for one year. While the time was short, she was able to make connections and get to know some Taiwanese tea farmers. Despite the excellent quality of Taiwanese tea, it is loosing its competitive advantage in price and volume to China and Sri Lanka. When she created NICO & ROBO, she wanted to explore using Taiwanese Tea in her product(s) to raise awareness about Taiwanese Tea. Although this has made our R&D journey more expensive and difficult, we are happy with our FIRM BELIEVER Face and Chin Mask.

NICO & ROBO's FIRM BELIEVER face & chin mask

We are still new and we do not product a lot, however, we are glad that we started this chapter and we hope that we will continue to grow from here.

NICO & ROBO's Firm Believer Face and Chin Mask!

What is the skin benefits of Dongfang Meiren Tea Extract?

Topical application of tea extract has many benefits for skin, including anti-aging properties. It is rich in antioxidant (thanks to the polyphenols in the tea leaves) that fights free radicals to improve signs of premature aging including pigmentation and wrinkles. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce redness and may improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin.