Me Time with a Sheet Mask

The sheet mask is perfect for the 15-minute me time at home we all need and deserve. It is ideal for busy people to rewind and take care of their skin. It is a sheet of fabric soaked in serum that covers your face (most common kind) except your eyes, nose and mouth. Leave the sheet on between 10-30 minutes (5 minutes will be fine if you are really busy) and let your skin absorbs the serum and be fully hydrated.
Hydrated skin is healthier and brighter. It also reduce the appearance of winkles, resulting in younger looking skin. Such results can be achieved easily with regular usage of sheet mask. Our mask is designed with daily use in mind. But we are busy, right? So we recommend you to use it 2-4 times a week.  
Follow the steps below with NICO & ROBO's FIRM BELIEVER FACE AND CHIN MASK and start to experience the difference!
  1. Clean your face with a mild cleanser and exfoliate your skin if needed. 
  2. Open the sheet mask package, unfold the sheet mask, apply it over your face and secure it with first pair of ear loops.
  3. Pull the remaining loose fabric from chin up and further secure the mask the the second pair of ear loops.
  4. Relax. Sheet mask can be used between 5-30 minute time. Note that we do not recommend you to use the sheet mask for longer than 30 minutes  the sheet will soak back the moisture from your skin as they dry out!
  5. Massage your face gently with the residual serum after removing the mask. 
Sheet mask is best used when relaxed. NICO & ROBO recommend you to try our FIRM BELIEVER face and chin mask for 10 minutes everyday while meditating. This will be the best face mask you've ever tried!
While it is tempting to use your phone or computer while you use the sheet mask, we at NICO & ROBO highly recommended you to close your eyes and relax. 15 minutes is perfect for a short meditation session to focus on YOU because at NICO & ROBO that’s what we do!